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Deep listening with Lendlease

Where in Australia do you feel most connected and at peace? This was a question asked to Lendlease staff during our recent Deep listening program at Western Sydney Parklands. Although their responses varied from camping to snorkelling, there remained a consistent theme of connecting with Country.

In many ways, that's what made this day so special. Taking advantage of having people on Country whilst exploring themes including songlines, trade routes and First Nations stories in the built environment, enabled participants to deeply connect their minds and heart into thinking about First Nations voices being included in upcoming Lendlease projects.

Geoffrey Atkinson of Lendlease said “the day was a fantastic experience, focused on strengthening connections to Country, exchanging stories, and learning more about the rich aspects of First Nations culture and practices. We look forward to building on this session, taking time to consider how we can integrate First Nations principles into everything we do.”

Mirri Mirri would like to thank the amazing team of Melissa Haigh, Jordan Eaton and Ben Leslie for inviting us along and helping create an impactful day.

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