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Empowering students about their future

The Ngiyani program has hit the ground running with several schools booking sessions early in the year. Bob, Jared and Solomon have been on the road again, visiting Western Sydney delivering workshops that help students plan for life beyond school, boost social skills and confidence in the workplace and deepen their understanding of Aboriginal culture and identity.

Students engage in a series of interactive activities, including a survival challenge, fire making and role playing different job interview scenarios. During the workshops, Solomon speaks passionately about his experience in applying for jobs and how to stay positive and never give up.

Feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The workshop was exceptionally engaging and informative for the kids, keeping them captivated throughout the session. The content was presented in a way that was both educational and enjoyable, ensuring that the children gained valuable knowledge while thoroughly enjoying the experience”.

"The workshop's interactive nature and valuable content not only captivated our students but also contributed significantly to their learning experience, making it a worthwhile endeavour to revisit”.

We would like to thank Corren School, St Edmunds College, Blacktown Boys and Colyton High School for allowing us to visit and deliver the Ngiyani program.

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