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Aunty Christine shares her story

On Tuesday the 30th of January, Paul and Kara joined around 100 teachers at the site of Bomaderry Aboriginal Children's Home, to hear former resident Aunty Christine Blakeny share her story about living in the home. Aunty Christine heads up Children of the Bomaderry Aboriginal Children’s Home (CBACH), a charity that supports former residents and their descendants.

Bomaderry Children’s Home was established in 1908 and is known as the birthplace of the Stolen Generation in NSW. Teachers had an opportunity to hear Aunty Christine speak about life in the home and the day to day experiences for children. She also spoke about a range of topics including religion, other survivors, reconnecting with family and the role of the Aborigines Welfare Board. 

It was an incredible opportunity for Paul, Kara and the teachers to hear directly from a Stolen Generation survivor with many of the teachers sharing how the experience will enable them to better educate young students about the forced removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their families.

We want to thank Aunty Christine and all the staff at CBACH for inviting us down and allowing us to hear their stories.

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